10000 diyas lit external Lingaraj sanctuary to celebrate new statute for the sanctuary

Lingaraj sanctuary

Ministers of Lingaraj sanctuary in Bhubaneswar on Monday night-lit 10,000 lights outside the sanctuary premises after Odisha Cabinet endorsed a different Shri Lingaraj Temple Ordinance 2020 for vesting of the administration of the eleventh-century sanctuary and its properties, including sanctuaries arranged inside its premises, different sanctuaries, consecrated spots and mutts, in a panel for better organization and administration.

The ministers lit earthen lights at the sanctuary premises to celebrate and offer thanks to the state government.

On Monday night, the state cupboard, directed by boss clergyman Naveen Patnaik endorsed the law office’s proposed statute that would let loose the sanctuary from being represented by the Odisha Hindu Religious Endowment Act, 1951.

Authorities said separate law will help inappropriate execution of ceremonies, the board or organization of sanctuary and its properties

“The Temple Trust couldn’t appropriately execute such ceremonies because of restricted force gave under the current law. As the public authority has as of late proposed to attempt a few formative works for the all-round improvement of Lingaraj sanctuary, the law is being authorized through mandate since the Odisha Assembly isn’t in the meeting,” said an authority.