Armenia-Azerbaijan war: Azerbaijan unintentionally destroys Russian helicopter in Armenia

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said that the occurrence of killing the helicopter was inadvertent and not coordinated against the Russian side.

Armenia-Azerbaijan war: Azerbaijan coincidentally destroys Russian helicopter in Armenia

Baku: Azerbaijan has apologized for coincidentally destroying a Russian Mi-24 military helicopter close to its outskirt with Armenia fringe, which murdered two Russian servicemen.

The episode on Monday was inadvertent and not coordinated against the Russian side, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said in an assertion, adding that Baku it was prepared to pay proper pay, reports Xinhua news office.

Prior in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry said a Mi-24 helicopter, which was outside the battle zone, was shot somewhere near a man-compact air safeguard framework while accompanying a guard of the 102nd Russian army installation through the region of Armenia.

The chopper at that point lost control and slammed into a sloping region in Armenia.

A third team part was moved to the home landing strip with moderate wounds.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry clarified that the flight occurred in obscurity at a low height outside the air protection radar discovery zone, while Russian helicopters have not been seen beforehand here.

The Ministry said that the soldiers on the job chose to start shooting since the circumstance stays tense close to the Azerbaijan-Armenia outskirt as the two nations proceed with furnished conflicts in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh area.



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