Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta to reemerge the house, says ‘my longing as well as need to win the show’

In the midst of bits of gossip that he may reemerge Bigg Boss 14, Vikas Gupta has expressed gratitude toward fans and asked for their help as he actually needs to win the show. Salman Khan pummeled Arshi Khan for her conduct against Vikas and supported him.

Vikas Gupta was removed from the show after he drove Arshi Khan into the pool.

Maker and performer Vikas Gupta is good to go to reemerge the Bigg Boss 14 house. He has expressed gratitude toward his fans for their help. In the midst of rumors of his reemergence, Vikas posted a video via web-based media where he guaranteed his fans that he would arise a champ. In any case, he didn’t name the show, Bigg Boss. Vikas was kicked out of the game when he pushed Arshi Khan during a battle and she fell into the pool inside the Bigg Boss house.

Vikas stated, “Hello folks! I am going live after quite a while and you will before long know why I am here. I needed to thank you just for your affection and backing. Numerous individuals, many, numerous individuals, have written to Colors and Viacom (makers and moderators of Bigg Boss). You have sent me sweet and flawless messages. How the whole nation ascended for me, I wish the housemates would have done likewise.”

He added, “Thank you for all that you folks have done so brilliantly. Invested significant energy to …compose. From tweets to messages…I feel extremely, pleasant, and grateful. Much thanks. I will do what I do, the best is to play well, correct? Have a go at making circumstances that engage everybody. I truly need to win this time. It isn’t my craving however need this time, I will progress nicely, regardless. Kindly continue supporting, I need that help.”

Sharing the video, Vikas composed on Instagram, “Live before it starts once more. Much obliged to you everybody for keeping in touch with me for stopping, for informing in help. I am appreciative to each and everybody of you and I guarantee I will put all that I need to do the things that I do and engage you. Winning is my need this year and not a longing I will put more than a hundred percent. thankyou #VikasGupta #Biggboss14 #VGAalaare.”

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Vikas got uphold from having Salman on Saturday when Salman hammered Arsih for affecting Vikas and speaking sick about his mom. Salman disclosed to Arshi that it probably won’t be the correct activity, in any case, he would have responded likewise had somebody made statements about his folks.

In light of Salman and with all due respect, Arshi asserted that Vikas relinquished his mom and didn’t deal with her. Afterward, she likewise guaranteed that he would not like to proceed in Bigg Boss 14 as he seemed to be ‘exhausted’.



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