BJP invites SC remain on HC request for CBI test on Uttarakhand CM, charges Cong scheme


The BJP’s Uttarakhand unit has invited the Supreme Court’s structure remaining the High Court request for a CBI test into claims of defilement against Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. The decision party has blamed Congress for bringing forth an intrigue against the Chief Minister.

BJP MLA and representative Munna Singh Chauhan told correspondents that the way Congress pioneers, including previous CM Harish Rawat, made “unreliable” comments against the CM, it “constrained the BJP to dispatch reality finding” in the issue.

“After certainty discovering, we have arrived at the resolution that Congress chiefs bargained with Umesh Sharma in an old matter of his sting against Harish Rawat and utilized him to censure the picture of CM Trivendra Singh Rawat and schemed to exploit,” Chauhan said.

Chauhan said when Umesh had done a sting procedure on Harish Rawat (in 2016), Congress’ legal advisors in the High Court considered him a “blackmailer” and highlighted criminal bodies of evidence against him.

Congress state VP Suryakant Dhasmana named BJP’s claims unmerited. “The judgment of CBI requests and perceptions in a specific order was made by the High Court and not by Congress.”

Harendra Rawat, who was denounced by writer Umesh Sharma in a video of having gotten cash from one Amratesh Singh Chauhan in Jharkhand for Chief Minister Rawat, said he is thinking about documenting a slander body of evidence against the columnist.

Harender said charges made against him and his better half by Umesh are “bogus” and that he speculates a “political scheme”.