BJP MP blames police for bugging him at fallen trooper’s town, govt denies


BJP MP Jagannath Sarkar on Monday affirmed that the police irritated and offended him when he went to Nadia region’s Raghunathpur town late on Sunday night to offer his final appreciation to Army jawan Subodh Ghosh, who was killed last Friday, alongside three different warriors, in truce infringement by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla area. The state government, in any case, excused the claim.

The MP, who speaks to the Ranaghat body electorate in Parliament, asserted the occurrence happened when he attempted to go to a wreath-laying service coordinated to respect Ghosh before his body was incinerated.

The service was held at the Nimtala Vidyaniketan school ground, where the organization likewise orchestrated a gatekeeper of honor for the fighter.

“The police bugged and offended me before the general population. It is extremely awful and dismal that in this express the police are acting like BJP frameworks,” Sarkar said.

Lead representative Jagdeep Dhankhar observed the supposed occurrence and scrutinized the police and organization authorities.

“On November 15 at around 2330hrs the last ritual service of Sh Subodh Ghosh, the occupant of Raghunathpur, was performed at Palassy crematorium, Nadia. Before that, the dead body of the martyred warrior was brought by the Army authorities according to military convention and it came to Raghunathpur town (PS-Tehatta) and the body was put at a ground, close by to his home to honor the courageous fighter and towards wreath giving service. During the wreath giving service of Sh Subodh Ghosh, MP Jagganath Sarkar was deterred to enter ‘Shahid Bedi/Manch’ by the police officer with no substantial reasons,” the Governor said.

The MP, nonetheless, had the option to offer his final appreciation to the trooper after most extreme trouble, the Governor said.

“The MP asserted that the police did this deliberately with an aim to affront him, before the general population… I would like an earnest educated contribution as police and managerial authorities, being community workers, are committed to being regardful to the MP,” Dhankhar said.

The Trinamool Congress and the Nadia locale organization wouldn’t remark on the issue. Discrediting the claim, a senior government official stated, “This is only a basic misconception. The BJP is attempting to make this an issue.”