Carefulness activity uncovers debasement and laxity in police work in Rajasthan


An inner watchfulness activity by Rajasthan police has uncovered debasement and laxity inside the positions, with cops at a few police headquarters discovered either reacting late to grievances or not engaging it by any stretch of the imagination. A few police officers were additionally discovered to be accepting kickbacks at traffic blockades and permitting alcohol deals to go past commanded hours.

A few occasions of wasteful policing and debasement was noted during bait activities directed on Saturday by the watchfulness groups from the state police central command across 16 regions.

The activity, done on the evenings of December 17 and 18 uncovered carelessness in completing obligation as well as intrigue with alcohol distributes and the sand mafia at a few spots.

“In Nagaur’s Pandu Kalan police headquarters, when the imitation group called to report a theft by means of telephone, there was an absence of brief reaction and preparation among the cops of the station. In Udaipur’s Surajpole police headquarters zone, a constable took a composed report from the complainant at the spot yet didn’t enlist an FIR,” said Additional chief general of police (ADGP), cautiousness, Biju George Joseph.

Likewise, on a grumbling relating to a missing young lady at Taleda police headquarters in Bundi, the obligation official and the cop posed an assortment of inquiries however at long last advised the complainant to contact another police headquarters all things considered.

On the more brilliant side, three police headquarters reacted sufficiently and enlisted FIRs for supposed burglary and bicycle robbery occurrences at Bedu and Ratangarh police headquarters in Churu and at Fagi police headquarters in Jaipur Rural.

In Ganganagar city, it was discovered that alcohol was being sold uninhibitedly in a few spots, including Hanumangarh Road, Shiv Chowk, Suratgarh Bypass, Mira Chowk, and Kotwali police headquarters zone.

In Jhunjhunu’s Udaipurwati police headquarters zone and in Nagaur police headquarters zone, of Nagaur locale, various vehicles were found shipping unlawful waterway sand without any police intercession.

The ADGP cautiousness said that police officers alongside individuals from the vehicle and deals charge office was discovered taking illicit cash by halting vehicles at Mawal outskirt close to Gujarat in the Sirohi area. Also, in Jodhpur city, 30 police officers were discovered associated with illicit assortments at different spots. He said a move would be made against every one of them and added that a cop had been suspended by the Jodhpur police magistrate.

Cautiousness groups additionally directed activities in Churu, Bikaner, Uncha Nagla of Bharatpur, Jaipur Rural’s Dudu, Ajmer’s Bandar Sindri, Kota city, and Udaipur city to get some answers concerning traffic policing on the interstate. Notwithstanding, no criminal behavior was discovered, the official said.