Congress Levels Corruption Allegations Against Yediyurappa Govt; Demands CM’s Resignation

  • Congress has requested the abdication of Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa over defilement claims against his relatives regarding a lodging venture.

Congress party on Sunday requested the abdication of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa over defilement claims against his relatives regarding a lodging venture and required a period bound legal test into the issue. A month ago, CM Yediyurappa had excused the “ridiculous” claims made by Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah in the Karnataka Assembly and provoked the Congress chief to demonstrate the charges.

Referring to media reports, Congress representative Abhishek Singhvi on Sunday claimed that the BJP government in Karnataka is “immersed in the grasp of defilement with polluted pioneers wearing the pants. If the Chief Minister has the smallest feeling of disgrace, he should leave or be sacked,” he included.

The Congress chief likewise scrutinized the “quietness” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and BJP president JP Nadda over the claims of debasement and pay off against Yediyurappa’s child, child in-law, and grandson.

Singhvi said the case identifies with the development of a condo venture in Bengaluru worth Rs 662-crore and asserted that media reports have “unveiled direct contribution of Chief Minister’s nearby family members like a child, child in-law, and grandson in debasement and pay off connected with the undertaking”. “It has stunned the awareness of the whole nation, however apparently the BJP has no heart,” Singhvi said.

‘Basically conceded claims’

The Congress chief referred to an implied discussion between a nearby relative of Yediyurappa and someone else alluding to a pay off paid by a contractual worker to a top Bengaluru Development Authority official. He further guaranteed that an extra payoff was looked for and paid through shell organizations in Kolkata. Singhvi requested the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act be summoned and the charges tested.

“The most momentous and basically conceded charges of shameless debasement and we don’t locate a criminal examination,” Singhvi stated, including that even an FIR was not recorded over it. “We request the arrangement of a sitting Supreme Court (judge) or a sitting Chief Justice of a High Court as an inquirer for a very long time,” he said.

Tearing into the decision party, Singhvi stated, “This misrepresentation, phony, and playing hosts made BJP a gathering of performers who are enjoying jiggery-pokery. The Congress has been blaming the Yediyurappa government for enjoying debasement, a charge it has solidly denied.



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