Cricketer Raghunath Chandorkar Is Batting On 100!

Previous Maharashtra and Mumbai Ranji Trophy player turns out to be third Indian top of the line cricketer to arrive at a century in life after Prof Deodhar and Vasant Raiji

Raghunath Chandorkar, who turns 100 today. He played top of the line cricket for

Had it not been for an alarm cricket analyst and writer of occasions, the cricketing clique wouldn’t have realized that previous Maharashtra and Mumbai wicketkeeper-batsman Raghunath Chandorkar praises his 100th birthday celebration this year. He is a centurion today.

Prakash Dahatonde, 60, got noticeable site ESPNCricinfo to change Chandorkar’s introduction to the world year from 1922 to 1920 after his tweet which said that he has evidence as a page from Chandorkar’s visa.

A page from previous Mumbai wicketkeeper-batsman Raghunath Chandorkar’s identification, showing his right date of birth

A page from previous Mumbai wicketkeeper-batsman Raghunath Chandorkar’s identification, showing his right date of birth

Dahatonde had been able to chip away at the exact year of birth when he as of late got an inquiry about Chandorkar’s date of birth from Theodore Braganza, the secretary of The Association of Cricket Statisticians and Scorers of India (ACSSI).

Chandorkar is just the third Indian top-notch cricketer to finish a century in life after Prof DB Deodhar and Vasant Raiji; Maharashtra being the regular factor — Deodhar (Pune), Raiji (Mumbai) and Chandorkar (Dombivli).

Raiji, 100, died in June this year while Deodhar, 101, inhaled his rearward in August 1993.

Chandorkar played under greats like Deodhar and Vijay Merchant across 1943 and 1951, a period in which played seven Ranji Trophy matches. He presently lives in Ambernath, close to Badlapur. Even though he battles to recall his playing days because of Alzheimer’s, he appreciates watching cricket matches on TV consistently.

Strangely, Deodhar, Raiji, and Chandorkar, each of the three life centurions, figured in the West Zone Ranji Trophy League coordinate among Maharashtra and Baroda at Pune in December 1944. Raiji was playing for Baroda at that point while Deodhar and Chandorkar were wearing Maharashtra tones.

Like their oldest kin, siblings Vasant, Dr. Kashinath, and Professor Ganesh were sharp athletes. Vasant, 86, spoke to Maharashtra in the Ranji Trophy, while Kashinath was at one time India’s No.3 in table tennis. Ganesh too spoke to Maharashtra at the TT Nationals.

“We siblings needed to play like Raghunath as he was acceptable at all games. I actually recollect his counterpart for West Zone against the Lindsay Hassett-drove Australian Services group, played at Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai in 1946. His wicket-keeping in that match was exceptional to the point that a portion of the meeting group’s batsmen was confused concerning how they got baffled by him – all inside a small amount of a second,” Ahmednagar-based Vasant told noontime.

Chandorkar delighted in playing club cricket in Mumbai, particularly the Dr. HD Kanga Cricket League and Purshottam Shield. He performed for Jolly Cricketers, a club which Test-playing siblings Madhav Apte and Arvind played for.

“Playing the Kanga League and Purshottam Shield was his obsession and he never missed a solitary game. He used to impart associations to Madhav Apte and Arvind Apte and scored heaps of runs for Jolly Cricketers.

“He took some troublesome gets behind the stumps easily. I have affectionate recollections of his snare shots. Today, when I see India’s Rohit Sharma playing the snare, I review different innings my sibling played,” thought back Vasant, who spoke to Maharashtra in seven top of the line games from 1956 to 1962.

Chandorkar was chosen for the Maharashtra Ranji Trophy group in 1943. The very year he got approval for the state’s football crew. Yet, cricket was sought after.

During a similar period, he played hockey for Khadki Rangers in Pune. He additionally dominated in wrestling and swimming.

Chandorkar spent the last portion of his life managing growing cricketers at Mumbai Cricket Association’s late spring get-away camps in Kalyan-Dombivli for quite a long while. Indeed, even at 73 years old, he guided cricketers from Ambernath and Kalyan. He additionally oversaw junior groups to Kenya for the introduction.

Chandorkar’s grandson Shravan Hardikar, magistrate of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, commented: “Cricket is as yet his energy. Even though he scarcely recollects things, he appreciates watching matches on TV. I used to remain at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai five to six years prior and he was at our home for around a month. At that point, even at 95 years old, he got all the kids in the structure together and gave them fundamental tips on the most proficient method to play explicit shots and how to bowl great length balls. Today, even though his general wellbeing is excellent, he is shockingly experiencing Alzheimer’s, so it’s hard for him to remember things. Be that as it may, he actually appreciates cricket.”



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