Delhi Jal Board targets March 2023 for a clean Yamuna

Delhi Jal Board

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has arranged four mediations to clean the Yamuna by March 2023, including treating dirtied water from Haryana and UP and creating force and gas from septic tank squander. In a gathering between Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and DJB authorities on Wednesday, an arrangement to reuse treated water was likewise talked about.

“The Delhi government will set up a cutting edge innovation to treat around 150 MGD of contaminated water coming from the conditions of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh by characteristic wetlands and air circulation strategy. Second, the wastewater in channels will be taken advantage of by sewage treatment plants (STPs). Third, steps will be taken to improve the nature of the current STPs, including updating gear and utilizing inventive cycles. Fourth, all slime and septage from septic tanks across Delhi will be gathered by DJB and reused in the bio-gas plants to produce power and gas,” the public authority said.

For very, nearly thirty years, progressive governments, courts, and councils have promised to clean the stream, which is Delhi’s lifesaver, however to no end. At the point when the AAP government came into power, the then pastor Kapil Mishra had said that the waterway would be perfect enough to take a dunk in 2018.