Emperor of Wires and Cables over Three decades

Wires and Cables

Orbit wires and cables: “To build a long-term relationship with people and organization by providing effective measures,” said R.K Agarwal.

Orbit wires and cables were inaugurated in the year 1996 and have completed 23 years of its journey. The Firm was founded by Mr. Rajendra Kumar Agarwal and now it is overtaken by Mr. Amit Agarwal. Orbit is a leading brand in India and abroad involved in the manufacturing and marketing of electric wires and cables. The brand has 6 manufacturing units across India. In 2014 Orbit cables had the opportunities to be a sponsor for CSK (Chennai Super Kings) in IPL.

Orbit has set up its branches in more than 5 Cities in India like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, and many more. Recently, Orbit has inaugurated its new wing in Jodhpur as Shankheshwar Agencies. The firm is engaged with more than 2,000 dealers in Chennai. Orbit cables are now dealing with over 10,000 dealers in which 3,000+ companies are across Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Mauritius.

Wires and Cables

Orbit’s Goal: ‘To become a listed company in NSE and BSE by 2021. Orbit aims to extend its firm all over India. They shall continue to use innovation and technology to make their products the best in the market.

Every year Orbit supports small-scale industries and all those who want to start their own business as their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They are also operating at a very minimal rate to support their customers and employees. Orbit is renowned for innovative products, Quality, Standards, and Technological Excellence. It is India’s one of the leading brands in electrical wires and cables. Orbit has 1,000 products ranging from PVC cables, Telephone cables, Auto-mobiles and battery cables, Railway signaling, submersible cables, and many more.

In Covid-19 Pandemic Orbit have taken care of their customers and other needy people by distributing free masks and food. On pandemic days Orbit hasn’t cut-off the wages of employees; instead, they have supported their employees by giving a 30% increment on their wages. Orbit follows all the Covid-19 norms by sanitizing the sample products and checking the temperature of all staff members.

Orbit deals with many reputed clients in a variety of companies like Bajaj, Hiranandani, TATA Consultancy Services, Reliance Industry Limited. Pepsi. They also have 2,000 satisfied clients.

Orbit manufactures the products like Wires, Cables, Switches, LED Lights and Luminaries, and also Pipes and Fitting, and many more.


-PVC pipes are ideal for high temp water up to 93 °C

– uses NSF Certified crude material.

-produce the least bacterial development.

– Unaffected by chlorine in the water.

-Cost-Effective and effectively installable.

-guarantee 100% watertight joints.

-convey an exceptional fire wellbeing profile.

-Insulating properties that bring about high energy sparing.


Presently people can purchase electric switches on the web, without going to market simply sitting at home. Perhaps the best objective of electronic switches, links, and wiring is the Orbit gathering of organizations. Switches are in different tones like silver, orange, green and yellow, and so on.

Classes of switches are as follows:

  • Single Pole
  • Double Pole
  • Three-Way
  • Four Way
  • Multi-location.