Halloween 2020: Sonam Kapoor reproduces an exemplary Marilyn Monroe look


Halloween is the one day of the year when everything creepy transforms into fun. With individuals over the world reproducing looks, wearing multifaceted outfits, and getting a charge out of sweets treats, the festivals happened for the current year, as well, but in a restrained way. And keeping in mind that everybody staggered in their own specific manner, entertainer Sonam Kapoor Ahuja took web-based media to share her look, we were agreeably astounded.

The entertainer reproduced the exemplary Marilyn Monroe look, and we felt they shared some uncanny likeness! Try not to trust us? Look at it for yourself.

The Ranjhaana entertainer wrote in the inscription: “This Halloween has made me go… Oh, my Monroe! Turning into this diva was such a pleasant encounter for me and my group. Certainly one of the fav looks I’ve reproduced for Halloween, ever! (sic)”

Investigate, and you will see how consistent the outcomes were, directly from her hairpiece to the red nails, the red lipstick, and the little mole.

She likewise shared the cycle and said it took her group hours to do it. “Watch how I went from being SKA to MM. Try not to let the time-pass fool you all, it brought long periods of me plunking down and my group doing something amazing,” the entertainer shared.