Sexual harrasment case: HC awards pre-capture bail to Bollywood entertainer’s sibling


The Bombay HC a week ago conceded pre-capture bail to the sibling of a famous Bollywood entertainer, who was reserved for lewd behavior and insulting the unobtrusiveness of his sister-in-law. The complainant is the offended spouse of the entertainer.

A solitary adjudicator seat of Justice Sarang V Kotwal on October 28 was hearing the expectant bail application by the entertainer’s sibling through backers Kaushal Thakker and Dipesh Mehta regarding the FIR enlisted at Versova police headquarters in July this year.

The candidate was reserved under segments 354 (attack or utilization of power with an aim to shock unobtrusiveness of a lady), 354A (lewd behavior), 354D (following), 506 (criminal terrorizing), and 509 (word, motion, or act proposed to affront humility of a lady) of the IPC.

The lady guaranteed she got to know the blamed in 2003 and through him, she connected with the entertainer in the exact year. The lady and the entertainer were in a live-in relationship and got hitched in March 2010. The blamed used to live with them. From that point, the blame got hitched; nonetheless, he left his significant other and began living with the entertainer and the complainant.

The lady affirmed the blamed used to pass profane comments and looked for sexual kindnesses from her and when she educated her better half, he disregarded it.

Government legal counselor R M Pethe contradicted the request, highlighting the earnestness of the charges. In the wake of hearing entries, Justice Kotwal watched, “The primary charges of offending humility relate to the year 2012. Since 2012, till housing her FIR, she has not made any strides nor has she made any charges.”

The court noticed that even after the last claimed episode, which happened in April 2019, when the charged offered her air tickets, no grievance was petitioned for almost a year. The seat noticed that even in July a year ago, she had acknowledged a specific sum from the candidate.

The seat noted, “Consequently, the candidate is directly in his accommodation that on the off chance that she had such genuine claims and complaints against him, she would not have gone into such an exchange. There was positively no claim from her during this whole period and even from there on for a time of right around one year.”

“Considering the issue, the source’s story gives off the impression of being far fetched. In any case, no further perceptions are made at this stage since it might hamper the examination and conceivable preliminary. Nonetheless, custodial cross-examination of the candidate isn’t fundamental,” the court added.