Incapable to pay Rs 200 each for Durga Puja, 14 Gond families face social blacklist for about fourteen days

Durga Pooja

Durga Puja: FOURTEEN FAMILIES of the Gond clan living in a town in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat region needed to confront a social blacklist for beyond fourteen days as they couldn’t bear to contribute Rs 200 each towards the festivity of Durga Puja in the town.

These families, who were seriously hit by the Covid-19 lockdown, had elected to pay Rs 100 each all things being equal yet it was not thought of.

Denied all offices like purchasing proportion and denied work, the families, at last, moved toward the region organization, which settled the issue this week.

On October 14, nearby puja coordinators Sarwajanik Durga Puja Sanstha held a gathering in Lamta town of Balaghat where it was concluded that every one of the 170 families in the town will contribute Rs 200 each towards the festival. Yet, upwards of 40 Gond families, a considerable lot of who filled in as transient workers and strolled for quite a long time to arrive at home after the lockdown communicated powerlessness to pay the cash.

Under social tension, 26 of the families at last yielded. The leftover 14 families offered to pay Rs 100 yet it was won’t.

After the Durga Puja, another gathering was hung on November 3, when delegates of the town collectively gave a diktat for ‘paani-tanga’ – no resident was permitted to address or visit the 14 families. They were not permitted to buy apportion and even the town specialist – a private professional – was cautioned against treating them.

As indicated by Dhan Singh Parte, an individual from one of the influenced families, none of the laborers at the Lakdi station, where his dad functioned as a worker, were permitted to work with him. “Nobody would approach my dad at the terminal. The wooden logs are weighty and individuals ordinarily work in gatherings and convey them yet my dad was approached to work alone in a corner, if by any stretch of the imagination,” said Parte.

For 39-year-old Lakshmi Wadkhade, who functions as a worker after her better half became sick to battle for her group of seven, paying Rs 200 was close to outlandish. “I was in Allahabad searching for work when my evil spouse and little girl back home were boycotted. I had strolled six days to get back from Nashik after the lockdown. We had no cash for quite a long time and starved until we were given 5 kg proportion,” she said.

She said they offered Rs 100, which was cannot. “Indeed, even a year ago, my family was boycotted and I needed to re-visitation of work in the city and send Rs 500 to my family to pay to the Sanghatan to get the blacklist lifted.”

As the blacklist proceeded from November 3 to November 17, the families headed by Radhelal Midsole, Zilla leader of Gond Samajh Mahasabha, presented a reminder to the police monitor at Lamta police headquarters. As the townspeople stayed courageous after two rounds of gatherings, the families moved toward the Balaghat Collector alongside the Superintendent of Police and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

Authority Deepak Arya revealed to The Indian Express, “These families moved toward us and we held a gathering with the townspeople. They have been cautioned that if this proceeds, a move will be made against them. The issue has been settled and circumstance has standardized.”