Navratri 2020: Surat Students Perform Garba Wearing Costumes Made Of PPE Material

Navratri: In the 1-minute 32-seconds video cut, the understudies furnished with face veils and wearing COVID Garba dress can be considered playing To be as they follow the social.

The nine-day Navratri celebration starts on October 17 (Saturday). In front of the celebration, a video of style planning understudies performing Garba wearing hand-painted outfits made of PPE material has circulated the web. In the video, style planning understudies from Gujarat’s Surat can be seen playing out the customary Garba move.

Curiously, PPE overalls are worn by specialists and other medical services laborers who are driving the battle against the COVID-19 contamination. The understudies in the video are seen secured from head to toe like the ones that the specialists wear in medical clinics. The USP of the PPE Garba dress is the exceptional customary themes on the full-length skirts.

While the Garba outfits for ladies look lovely, the ones made for men additionally have vivid pictures of ‘Dandiya Raas’ engraved on it. Another fascinating component is the shimmering mirror takes a shot at the dupatta. The ‘Coronavirus Garba Dress’ is made of polypropylene texture by the understudies themselves and is affirmed by the South India Textile Research Association (SITRA).

Discussing the PPE Garba dress IDT stated, “Under the direction of their workforce – Aarushi Upreti, the first-year understudies of IDT INDIA, created a Covid Garba outfit utilizing hand painting and mirror as embellishments and planned a two-layer completely secured couple dress on PPE Jumpsuits with veils and dandiya sticks.”

In the 1-minute 32-seconds video cut, the understudies outfitted with face veils and wearing COVID Garba dress can be seen playing Garba following the social separating standards.

Discussing the particularly planned PPE pack, Disha Patel, the understudy who planned the outfit, stated, “The layering has been done so that individuals can keep up social removing while they perform Garba. These Garba outfits are prudent, give full insurance, and are entirely agreeable to wear and arrange.”

Netizens showered acclaims on the understudies and shared their perspectives. One client stated, “This is a sheer ineptitude. Government has restricted Garba then what is the utilization of this?” while another client stated, “Nobody can prevent Gujjus from doing the Garba in Navratri … Not even Corona..”

“Since this year government has restricted get-togethers, thus including delight in the midst of the merry season, these Coronavirus Garba outfits will be skilled to Covid Care Volunteers of Civil Hospital, Surat. This activity was taken to show appreciation to the craftsmen who have worked steadily to acquire their living during this pandemic,” Aarushi Upreti, personnel, IDT said.



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