Nissan Magnite versus Kia Sonet: Pros and cons of greatest sub-conservative SUV fight

Kia Sonet has cut a lead for itself yet Nissan Magnite seems, by all accounts, to be close behind to discover space in the sub-minimized SUV fragment.

Both Magnite and Sonet have their needs fixed however which suits which purchaser?

Nissan Magnite and Kia Sonet are the two greatest dispatches in the sub-smaller SUV section in India this year, if not in the car market on the loose. The section might be very worthwhile however it is likewise one in which every last bit of room is fervently challenged for. All things considered, both of these vehicles have made very encouraging beginnings on the lookout, discovering takers by the dozen.

Yet, while the two vehicles sit beautiful in the sub-smaller SUV portion, they carry their own individual qualities to the streets, extraordinary from numerous points of view from considerably different adversaries contending here.


Kia Sonet is the organization’s third item in the Indian market and has terminated from the word ‘Go.’ Made for India and vowed to be top notch, the Sonet looks to expand on the achievement of senior sibling Seltos which was Kia’s introduction item in India back when it came bringing in August of 2019.

However, while Seltos has figured out how to – and proceeds to – admission well, it is the more reasonable and more smaller Sonet that is presently getting max foothold. There are a few variables which work for the vehicle – trendy looks, include stuffed lodge, a mile-extensive rundown of variations, plenty of transmission decisions and that it is offered in both petroleum just as diesel.

Kia has figured out how to fabricate a decent brand picture in the nation which additionally plays into Sonet’s charge here. The Koreans are inclining up deals and post-deals network at break-neck speed and this will just further support the possibilities of vehicles it offers and those that will come in the occasions to come.

Accessible in Tech Line and GT Line, Sonet comes in HTE, HTK, HTK+, HTX and HTX+ variations in the previous and GTX+ in the last mentioned. At that point there is a decision between 1.2-liter normally suctioned petroleum motor, a 1.0-liter petroleum and a 1.5-liter CRDi diesel motor. iMT, five-speed manual, six-speed manual, DCT, AT – there’s bounty to browse in the transmission office also.


Nissan has placed all its notorious investments tied up on one place called Magnite and that may not be something terrible. Off the bat, its value structure is its greatest strength. At a basic cost of ₹4.99 lakh (ex showroom), it is by a wide margin the most reasonable in its section. And keeping in mind that the base variation might be uncovered, Magnite’s component list on the upper variations isn’t, regardless of whether it isn’t exactly comparable to Sonet.

A discretionary Tech Pack at around ₹38,000 is a brilliant move to guarantee costs are held under check and the individuals who may need include increments like remote charging, encompassing light, puddle light, premium sound framework – among others, can pick it far beyond.

Among its qualities however is the way that Magnite profits by a strong super petroleum motor and a truly effective XTRONIC transmission unit. The vehicle has a generally high seating position for an ordering perspective on environmental factors while additionally offering nice measure of lodge space and solace.

On the flipside

Where Magnite may lose a few focuses is that its lodge isn’t the most premium in the fragment. A long way from it, really. Not that there’s unruly clatter and thunder but rather the vehicle won’t win any honors for giving a strong lodge atmosphere all things considered. At that point there is the enduring question mark about Nissan’s post-deals administration. The organization, notwithstanding, is taking a gander at mollifying worries on that front by extending quickly the nation over. At that point there is the situation of not contribution a diesel choice. Those searching for a diesel vehicle at that point, should avoid Nissan.

With regards to Sonet, its value structure presently looks rather premium. Beginning at around ₹6.72 lakh (ex showroom), it goes as far as possible up to ₹13 lakh (ex showroom) for the GTX Plus DCT in double tone. That is just about three lakh more than the top-end Magnite. What’s more, recall, while Sonet is an element stacked vehicle, the upper variations sitting in the greater cost band are the ones to get most or these. Likewise, while Kia is staying at work longer than required to grow its post-deals organization, it will clearly take some effort to arrive at anyplace near what any semblance of set up players – Maruti and Hyundai – have in the nation.

Accordingly, both Magnite and Sonet accompany their advantages and disadvantages. The previous is estimated very well and keeping in mind that not in any event, attempting to be garish, checks the rudimentary boxes of good looks, roomy lodge, fair element list and a decent super motor unit. Sonet is effectively more showy to see, offers better lodge highlights, has numerous motor and transmission alternatives and is for the most part more premium.



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