PM Modi Appointed Chairman of Somnath Temple Trust

PM Narendra Modi was on Monday delegated the new executive of the trust which deals with the world-acclaimed Somnath Temple at Prabhas Patan town in Gujarat’s Gir-Somnath area. Modi, one of the trustees of the Shree Somnath Trust, was named to the top post consistently, a senior authority of the sanctuary the board body said.

The post of the Somnath Trust’s director fell empty after the passing of the officeholder, previous Gujarat Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel, in October a year ago. Patel had filled in as the trust director for quite a long while.

“Leader Narendra Modi, who is one of the trustees of the Somnath Temple trust, was selected the new director during a virtual gathering of trustees held today. “The choice to name the PM as the executive of the trust was taken consistently by all trustees during the online meet,” said Trustee-Secretary P K Laheri.

Different trustees incorporate BJP pioneer LK Advani, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Gujarat-based researcher JD Parmar, and money manager Harshvardhan Neotia.