Raaga meets a cappella: This resonant version of Albela Sajan may entrance you. Watch

Raaga: Given the Ahir Bhairav raga, the bandish Albela Sajan has been precipitously imbued with the Marathi people dance number Apsara Ali.

The picture is a screengrab from the Instagram video


The pandemic-actuated lockdown circumstance may have carried numerous things to an end, yet it clearly couldn’t prevent craftsmen from making something novel. This video of an old-style a cappella interpretation of a famous bandish is an ideal illustration of that. Performed by old-style vocalists Antara Nandy and Abby V, the resonant creation is one you ought not to miss.

The clasp shared on Nandy’s Instagram shows both the artists playing out the melody alongside expressing each instrument in the track. The track contains 20 separate layers of music shaped unmistakably and afterward orchestrated appropriately. Given the Ahir Bhairav raga, the bandish Albela Sajan has been precipitously mixed with the Marathi society dance number Apsara Ali.

Nonetheless, what may shock you is how both the vocalists facilitated with one another about the task from two corners of the world. From his home in Toronto, Canada Abby tried to give his notes to Nandy living in India essentially. “We associated two months back using Instagram and chose to accomplish something on the traditional class,” Nandy told HT. “Since there are no prearranged sounds in a cappella, I was completing 5 layers in the track and in the jugalbandi I recorded the palta form and sent my part to Abby while he did the akar,” she added.

Look at the clasp:

Shared on December 11, the clasp has accumulated over 1.1 lakh sees alongside more than 17,000 preferences.

“I needed to present this new arrangement as I needed to do a cappella course of action with a traditional track,” Abby said while addressing HT. “We expressed the base harmonies, high and low notes. For percussion, we utilized a wooden cutting board, shakers, some applauding, and snapping,” he clarified.

Netizens were hypnotized with the clasp. This is what they needed to state.

“Gracious. My. God! Such authority in plain view. Much obliged to you both for this!” composed an Instagram client. “This adaptation is so fantastic. I am entranced,” remarked another. “This was simply astounding and particularly the last part was so odd with every one of those taans and aalaps…just cherished it,” communicated a third.

“If it’s not too much trouble concoct more collabs like this,” mentioned a fourth.

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