Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM Modi, Compares Air India One To Jawans’ Non-impenetrable Trucks

Rahul Gandhi thought about the jawans’ anxiety of non-impenetrable trucks to the as of late procured Air India One Boeing 777 airplane.

Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi on Saturday hit out at the legislature and raised worries over the absence of security for warriors. Gandhi looked at the jawans’ anxiety of non-impenetrable trucks to the as of late procured Air India One Boeing 777 airplane. The VVIP Air India One airplane will be utilized to fly the President, Vice-President, and the Prime Minister.

‘Rs 8,400 crore airplane for PM’

Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and shared a video of the Indian Army fighters being shipped in non-impenetrable trucks. The video shows warriors examining their interests over being moved in non-impenetrable trucks. Be that as it may, Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi took advantage of this lucky break and assaulted the administration. He expressed that troopers are being shipped off the forefront ‘to turn into saints’ in non-impenetrable trucks even as PM Narendra Modi gets an Rs 8,400 crore airplane.

“Our jawans are shipped off become saints in non-slug evidence trucks, while Prime Minister Modi gets an Rs 8400 crore airplane. Is this equity?” said Rahul Gandhi.

All things being equal, this isn’t the first run through Rahul Gandhi has assaulted PM Modi over the procurement of Air India One. Prior, the Congress chief took a correspond at PM Narendra Modi for squandering a great many crores of rupees on the plane since “his companion Donald Trump has one.” However, as indicated by sources, the postponed obtainment of Air India One initiated longer than 10 years back when the UPA government was in power. The source additionally expressed that the two planes are not the Prime Minister’s airplanes, but rather will be utilized for different VVIPs. Likewise, the sources additionally added that the airplanes have a place with the Indian Air Force armada.

Air India One

The Air India One was at first booked to be conveyed in July, yet it was deferred twice. The airplane is furnished with a serious correspondence framework that permits profiting sound and video correspondence work mid-air without being hacked. Extra highlights incorporate countering rocket dangers with its own rocket safeguard framework, called the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and Self-Protection Suites (SPS), which the US consented to sell at an expense of USD 190 million. The altered B777 airplane is set to coordinate the US President’s Air Force One as far as safety efforts.

The airplane will be worked by pilots of the Indian Air Force. According to reports, an extra specially crafted B777 plane for the movement of VVIPs is probably going to be gotten from Boeing at a later stage. These two airplanes were essential for Air India’s business armada for a couple of months in 2018 preceding they were sent back to a Dallas office to get a serious redesign.



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