Slovakia : Disharmony against citizens as rapid rise in covid cases


Is Slovakia pressurizing residents?

Perhaps, as the Coronavirus test is done at Slovakia for residents is deliberate. The residents are Forced and Pressurized to have a test for each time when they leave the house, quoted by “resident of Slovakia”. The residents are losing work as they can’t venture out because they haven’t tested for Coronavirus. Residents are starving for food and staple.

Residents who are not tested shouldn’t go out without the endorsement of Coronavirus as a punishment of 1000 Euro is charged. If the residents refuse to pay on the spot of its ground is 1600 Euro. The vast majority of the residents procure 600 to 800 Euro for every month. This is certainly not a good punishment terms as residents are not in any event, having 1000 euros as their compensation for the month.

The above picture depicts those citizens are informed to have a certificate of testing with them while going for a purchase of groceries, food, or work.

The image portrays that, bribing paramedics being done in Slovakia. It is finished relying upon how much sure the test is uncovered. Indeed, even doctors and professionals don’t suggest testing Coronavirus. So the progression towards the bribe of the residents was taken.

Slovakia as National convention is to go to Grave and light a flame and Honor your graved relatives. Throughout the entire existence of Slovakia, the first time this custom was prohibited. Graveyards were ensured by police yet permit of the test was done.

The offspring of schools and universities are not allowed until they have an endorsement of the Coronavirus test. Such harassment circumstance is done by the residents of Slovakia. There is an increase in Covid-19 cases and even doctors and medical clinics are declining to have therapy without authentication. The PM of Slovakia Igor Matovic said something that, “he is upset for the individuals who have been compelled to test”.

A Region in Slovakia, named LIPTOV is been hassled generally. Citizens are extorted that they would be terminated. Such little towns are going to the Great Depression period.

The pressure caused to the citizen of Slovakia goes against the constitutional law. The law says the resident can’t be compelled to do what you don’t prefer to do. The law is been broken by the legislature of Slovakia. Igor Matovic has begun this task as an Army operation, without the knowledge of President Zuzana Caputova, who is the top of the Army.

The information being uncovered nearby is extraordinary. Truth be told, the residents are being compelled to test just to build the quantity of Coronavirus. “There is no pandemic of this activity is complete a misuse of cash”, cited by a resident of Slovakia.

Such high danger of disease is been normal in Slovakia as at the resident selection test are not even, following the Coronavirus standards, for example, social distancing. The residents of Slovakia are in a basic circumstance, to test and hazard their life and then again losing their employment.

All this information is based on a conversation we had with a local citizen of Liptov, Slovakia. Think, how unsafe or dangerous it can be during this tough pandemic?