Small scale business During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown has broken the back of the Indian economy. A dream of achieving a $5 trillion economies by 2024 has vanished in the air. An estimated data, 12.2 crore Indians lost their jobs during the coronavirus lockdown. People are suffering from the huge loss of financial status, hunger, and shelter. However, it may take years to be back to normal and to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

New growth in the digital sector has been a huge rise. From banking sectors to buying groceries and essential items, people are dependent on the digital sector. The period has given a massive boost to the online sector. In such times, small businesses and start-ups face the real test as they fight for competition amid growing demand by consumers for online services.

Abhishek Rajan, 22 years old from Bihar is an expert in the digital world. Rajan owns a website named- Parasar Infotech. His website deals with clients for projects based on website creation, app development, graphic designing, hosting services and cloud technology. Out of his own interest, Rajan started a small scale business with two team members. During the month of November 2020, the website was created and the companies’ incorporation procedure is undergoing. “After viewing, the bad condition for the jobs during covid-19, this has made me to become an entrepreneur said Rajan”. He believes that during the pandemic the scarcity of jobs has been major factor and starting a business is a must.

Raveena Rawal, 20 years old from Chennai, has made her dream successful by becoming an Entrepreneur. A young girl from middle class family owns a business of ‘Crafty’ which means Art and crafts. Rawal has saved every penny of her savings of Rs.5000 and she invested it for Crafty business. This small scale business of ‘Crafty’ includes variety of chocolate hampers, explosion box, Greeting cards and Snacks bouquet. With low rate margin of every product both the Moto, to grab the customer’s attention. She owns an Instagram page for social media marketing to grab customer attention. “Crazy of doing innovation crafts with an achieving the dream of an entrepreneur has been successful, said Rawal”.

Dishi Khonda, 20 years old from Chennai, has started a Baking business. She is currently doing her graduation from Stella Marris. She has learned this baking cakes and Cupcakes from an expert in Mumbai. She has just earned a profit of around 30,000 during Diwali 2020, by selling Diwali hampers. She is been marketing on the Instagram page and has a packed schedule of baking. She is boosting up her business through Instagram Promotions. She has invested around Rs. 20,000 for this new startup. She has a male helper, who helps while the baking process and with other pieces of stuff. She pays him around monthly Rs.5000. “Earning through my hard work and starting up a business was my motive, said Khonda”.

Mehak Chajjed, 19 years old, started doing embroidery works on clothes, masks, hoops, and many more as her business field. She said, she started saving every penny of her savings from the age of 10 and now with the investment of 18000 she started embroidery work as a business with a low margin of every work was her motto to grab the customer’s attention. She handles our Instagram page known as Embroidery_by_Mehak, she has everyday order of embroidery works on clothes and mask. She quoted that “Stitching was my passion when I was 8 years old and now I achieved it”.