Sona Mohapatra inquired as to whether her tweet against Utsav Chakraborty was important for MeToo crusade or an assessment, see her answer

A Twitter client asked Sona Mohapatra on the off chance that she had been running a MeToo crusade against jokester Utsav Chakraborty or if her old tweet was just an assessment. In addition to the fact that she slammed the individual, she clarified her remain too.

Sona Mohapatra has been vocal in the issue of sexual wrongdoing.

Vocalist Sona Mohapatra doesn’t put stock in mincing her words and has been expressing about inappropriate behavior in the work environment for some time now. She was inquired as to whether she was running a MeToo crusade on Twitter against entertainer and YouTuber Utsav Chakraborty, or on the off chance that she was essentially imparting her insight. The artist not just pummeled the client, she likewise said that she would quiet the individual.

Responding to the tweet, Sona stated: “A snappy reprimand to you Mr. Anon handle. Truly I have seen screen captures of the messages and pics Mr. Utsav used to impart to ladies and additionally composing a tweet with an assessment isn’t running a mission. Keep your bulls**t in your corner. You quieted from this time forward on my timetable.” An individual with the Twitter handle @MensDayOutIndia had tweeted to her and stated: “A Quick Question @sonamohapatra Did you know @Wootsaw by and by? Were your ‘crusades’ against him a matter of ‘information and individual experience’? #MenToo #MeToo #MeTooIndia… ” It likewise incorporated a more seasoned tweet by Sona against Utsav.

Sona followed it up with another tweet where she explained how it was not about sexual orientation but rather acknowledged that, generally, matters have been inclined in the courtesy of men. She expressed: “and Dear @MensDayOutIndia @DeepikaBhardwaj, it would be ideal if you realize that I get that – ‘Not all ladies are heavenly attendants and Not all men are hooligans’. There are acceptable and awful ppl. That the current force structure descending from hundreds of years is inclined and insights unmistakably demonstrate this also will be additionally obvious.”

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It could be reviewed that previously, Sona has been somewhat vocal in condemning such cases. Her own mission against music writer Anu Malik apparently prompted him to stop Indian Idol 11 of every 2019. He was one of three adjudicators on the music unscripted TV drama. Sona had blamed him for sexual offense in 2018 which had prompted a few different ladies communicating comparable suppositions.

Utsav, then, has been blamed for sending explicitly express messages to ladies during MeToo development in 2018. In a Twitter string at that point, an author comic had shared a few records of ladies who professed to have gotten spontaneous unequivocal photos from Utsav.



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