Stunning! Educator in Brussels shows bare sketch of Prophet Mohammed to sixth graders, gets suspended

An educator who purportedly indicated a class of sixth graders a bare sketch of Prophet Mohammed was suspended.

Stunning! Educator in Brussels shows an exposed depiction of Prophet Mohammed to sixth graders, gets suspended


  • An educator in Moleenbeek was suspended for indicating a class a bare sketch of Prophet Mohammed.
  • The youngsters, some more youthful than 10, were offended and griped to their folks.
  • The educator was suspended for indicating vulgar photographs to pre-youngsters.

Molenbeek: A civil elementary teacher in Molenbeek, Brussels was suspended after it was accounted for that he demonstrated a class an exposed sketch of Prophet Mohammed, revealed Brussels Times.

The district suspended the educator for demonstrating revolting pictures to small children some of whom were as youthful as 10.

The educator was taking a class on the municipal soul to 6th-grade understudies and passed around a tablet, purportedly asking students who disapproved of the image to turn away.

The attracting question was one by Charlie Hebdo visual artist Coco, portraying the Prophet on his knees and stripped, with a yellow star on his rear end and the words “A star is conceived” above it.

As indicated by Bruzz, guardians of the kids vouched for school the executives about what unfolded in a class dependent on what their children let them know.

Molenbeek civic chairman Catherine Moureaux underlined that the decision was taken “for having demonstrated vulgarities to youthful understudies, some of whom are scarcely 10-years of age and not for having indicated a cartoon of Mohammed”.



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