Turkey and Pakistan’s mission to blacklist French items blowback as Saudi Arabia steps in

French President Emmanuel Macron’s remain against Islamist psychological warfare has prompted another international tussle among nations like Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Turkey and Pakistan's mission to blacklist French items blowback as Saudi Arabia steps in


  • Turkish President Erdogan assaulted French President Macron for last’s steadfast remain against revolutionary Islamist illegal intimidation.
  • Turkey dispatches a mission to blacklist French merchandise, Pakistan turns out in help.
  • Saudi Arabia dispatches a counter mission to blacklist Turkish products.

New Delhi: The disposition showed by French President Emmanuel Macron to battle the extreme Islamist psychological warfare after the fierce homicide of educator Samuel Paty and the shock by the French residents over the occurrence has prompted another international tussle.

Accordingly, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan assaulted Macron and stated, “The individual accountable for France has lost his direction. He goes on about Erdogan throughout the day. Take a gander at yourself first and where you are going… he is a case and he truly should be looked up.”

Turkey additionally dispatched a forceful mission to blacklist French merchandise from its business sectors.

In a demonstration of help to Turkey’s mission, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that Macron picked “to energize Islamophobia by assaulting Islam instead of the fear-based oppressors” adding that Macron picked “to intentionally incite Muslims, including own residents.”

As of late, blacklist, France item was a top pattern in Pakistan. It joined Turkey in assaulting France and Pakistanis have been forcefully moving a few hashtags over web-based media stages, asking individuals to blacklist French items, manhandling the French President, and undermining French residents.

Other than Pakistani residents remaining everywhere on the world dispatched a worldwide mission to blacklist French items. Numerous noticeable Pakistani Twitter handles with a blue-tick spat toxin on French President Macron and asked Muslims worldwide to blacklist results of the nation.



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