Valmiki Jayanti 2020: Date, puja timings, history and significance

Valmiki Jayanti 2020

Valmiki Jayanti 2020 Date, Puja Timings: The birth commemoration of the creator and sage Maharishi Valmiki, Valmiki Jayanti is praised on the full moon night or Purnima of the Ashwin month. Valmiki was the main artist who had composed the epic Ramayana and first-historically speaking Sanskrit shlokas. He is additionally alluded to as ‘Adi Kavi’ which means the principal writer of the Sanskrit language.

Otherwise called Pragat Diwas, on this day many love the artist by discussing refrains of Ramayana at Valmiki sanctuaries the nation over. One of the most celebrated sanctuaries committed to the sage is in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. It is accepted that the sanctuary, which is 1,300 years of age, was where Valmiki rested subsequently to composing Ramayana that contains 24,000 shlokas and 7 cantos. It is accepted that when Ram ousted Sita after individuals scrutinized her ‘immaculateness’, Valmiki saved her and gave cover.

On this day, devotees of the Valmiki faction complete Shobha Yatras or parades and sing reverential melodies and bhajan. Nonetheless, because of the novel Covid, the festivals are relied upon to be quieted for the current year.

According to Drikpanchang, Valmiki Jayanti will be praised on 31st October 2020. The Purnimatithi starts at 05:45 PM on Oct 30, 2020, and closes at 08:18 PM on Oct 31, 2020.